Better Business Collaboration with Open Atrium

Open Atrium 2.0 is a business collaboration tool built on Drupal 7, led by the fine folks at Phase 2. There are many potential applications for Open Atrium, ranging from Intranets and Web portals to customer support sites and knowledge management.


Here are some of the many features in the latest version:

  • Documents - Create, attach, store, share, and collaborate.
  • Events - Manage upcoming events with integrated calendars.
  • Discussions - Communicate, collaborate, and exchange ideas securely.
  • Multimedia - Embed, store, and access files, images, & videos.
  • Mobile Optimized - Create, publish, and access anywhere. No app required.
  • Worktracker - Monitor projects, milestones & deliverables.
  • Data Security - Granular access control, sitewide. Identity Management. Roles, Permissions & LDAP integration.
  • Activity Streams - Consistently monitor work and communications at a glance.
  • Notifications - Subscribe, notify & respond in email.
  • Microsites - Easily create sub-sites & departmental landing pages.
  • Custom Dashboard - Widgets let you customize your view and filter information.

Contact me to learn more about how Open Atrium can improve your business collaboration with internal and external partners.